Offers a come back to the basics when we use to do rides for FREE or at minimum costs to the cyclists, in the Miami, Dade County and other cities or towns around South Florida. Many of today's gathering rides are becoming a pure commercialization without any real important meaning to the cycling and general community.

THE KEY BISCAYNE 100, is a big shift in gears, and a CHALLENGE that not only provides a test for endurance, cycling training, perseverance, performance and life self accomplishment. But, it is also a significant statement to Florida, and our cycling and general community about FREEDOM, including the freedom of cycling, gathering, expression, advocating, road sharing, ride for health, remembering and honoring our departures cycling friends or to celebrate life itself, have fun, promote our cycling city of Key Biscayne, Miami, Dade County, other Florida's or South Florida cities, and towns in the USA and world wide where people enjoy riding bicycles.     

Those are the reasons to come up with THE KEY BISCAYNE 100 and this type of free or very low cost rides for all cyclists in the Miami, Dade County and cities or towns of South Florida.

THE PROPOSAL AND PROGRAMS, are for anybody who is involved in cycling and their families to participate in the rides, volunteer, promote cycling and offer their services like bicycles tune ups or mechanical repairs and cycling products, or to help some how in the making of FREE RIDES for our cycling community, or at very low cost for the cyclists in order to cover for some of the expenses, like some decent fluids, food and resting stops, and other cyclists needs during the KEY BISCAYNE 100 event day or during the KB-100 FREE TRAININGS.

THE KEY BISCAYNE 100,  will be held all year around and consist basically of two parts: Part one,  will be KB-100 FREE TRAININGS  and the other, THE KEY BISCAYNE 100 EVENT, ( to be announce during the progress of the cycling season every year ) offering different ride distances of 43 Miles, 52 Miles 62 Miles ( 100 Km Metric Century ), 84 Miles and the 100 Miles Century.




43.0 Miles Ride = 2 Loops = 4 Rickenbacker Bridge Climbs.


63.5 Miles Ride = 3 Loops = 6 Rickenbacker Bridge Climbs.


84.0 Miles Ride = 4 Loops = 8 Rickenbacker Bridge Climbs.

The speed will be of 17-24 miles/hr Ave. You can do as many loops as you can, 1-4 loops. One stoop after 1.5 loop at La Carreta and then to the end with one  final stoop before the last bridge climb at Virginia Key North point resting area.


DATES:                            SATURDAYS  

STARTING TIME:                 8:00   A.M.

ENDING  TIME:                 11:00   A.M.    

PLACE:                                   Rosenstiel School of Marine

                                     and Atmospheric Science

                                     4600 Rickenbacker Causeway

                                     Key Biscayne, FL 33149.

                               First  building and parking lot

                                     on your  right side,  after the

                                     Miami Seaquarium.



Remember to always wear a helmet and protective eye glasses ( It is the law ) and that you fully assume all risk and release and waiver of all liability  associated in riding with KB-100, DCRA, MRC, IC3, MITCO and any other participant, sponsors, workers or volunteers on this training ride or any other of our events.



Dr. Frank Tirado.


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